Product View Button With the help of this extension, it is possible to call up the product page in the front-end of the shop directly from the Admin menu during product processing. To do so, a new window is opened after clicking on the “View“ button, which, as usual, is next to buttons such as “Delete“ and “Save“. As a result, no changes made to the product will be lost.

In the settings of Magento there is also an entry which allows to show or hide the button of this extension

Additionally, this extension always creates a functional and correct URL (which is then called in the new window), regardless of whether or not store code URLs are used. So compared to most similar extensions, you will not get any error messages if you use store code URLs.

Services included:

  • Quick and easy access to the front-end version of an article directly from the Admin menu
  • Works with and without store code URLs
  • Can be displayed or hidden by setting

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    Warranty Information This Extension makes it possible to display and manage easily multiple warranty information for multiple manufacturers.

    You can assign the warranty information to an existing (or even a new) attribute you define in the settings. For every value of this (dropdown) attribute you now can assign some warranty information. The Information can be created using WYSIWYG, so you can even include images and tables.

    So let’s say you have some sort of electronics store and you sell smartphones and tablets. In this case you need maybe some warranty information depending on multiple things. So you create a new attribute only for selecting the warranty information.

    Now you create an attribute value for “Samsung Smartphones”, “Apple Smartphones”, “Samsung Tablets” and “Apple Tablets”. And to every of those values you can assign the needed warranty information.
    The Customer can now access this warranty information as soon as you created some for a specific product (and assigned the attribute value to id). To view the warranty information your customer will find a “Warranty Info” button on the Product Detail Page in the frontend, as soon as there is some information created and assigned.

    The principle of Warranty Information based on attributes makes it even very easy to assign information to large amounts of products. If you have maybe over 10.000 products, you dont want to assign a new attribute value to every single product by hand. In this case you maybe use the manufacturer attribute for the warranty information and no change in any of those plenty products is needed. You just need to setup your warranty information once for each manufacturer.


  • Assign Warranty Information to an existing or new attribute
  • Create Information using WYSIWYG
  • Show your customer always the correct Warranty Information for each of your products
  • Store-Code URLs supported!
  • Easily reassign Warranty Information to other attributes
  • Manage multiple Warranty Information for multiple products
  • Warranty Info Button on the Product Details Page
  • Warranty Information will be displayed on the frontend in new popup window
  • Warranty Info Button can be hidden by settings

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